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Corporate Social Responsibility​

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Harnessing the Earth’s power for the common good and for the day-to-day life of each individual, we will contribute to the development of our communities and help to ensure a vibrant future through creation and innovation in energy, resources, and materials.

Our Five Core Values

As a member of the community

High ethical standards

Based on our core principles of integrity and fairness, we conduct all of our business activities in accordance with our high ethical standards.

Health, safety, and environment

We give the highest priority to health, safety and environmental initiatives, which are vital to the well-being of all living things.

Supporting day-to-day life

Focus on customers

We strive to meet the expectations and evolving needs of our valued customers and of society as a whole through the stable provision of products and services while creating new value as only we can.

For a vibrant future

Taking on challenges

Taking changes in stride, we rise to the challenge of creating new value while seeking innovative solutions for today and tomorrow.

Moving forward

Looking to the future, we continue to grow, both as individuals and as a company, through the personal and professional development of each and every employee.